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Slowly a gorilla …

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Slowly a gorilla leaves upon the hairless sea. Stalking nothing like it was blew–Just like a hand towel Buried in the sand, a solitary fingernail stuck out. Piercing sounds, wails, crys, “Shut Up you profane ape!” Among the heathen, Yogi Berra brings firey sacrifice. With a mighty “Yawp!” Susan B Anthony bit into the torn ligament of her prey While the gorilla was away, the rampant geese did play With doubtful rosy fingers and lethargic resolution I can Weap bitter tears, blank face, like Jesus.. . Nothing are you, or will you ever be.

The bell boy …

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

The bell boy was hunted, but he wasn’t found, Not a prepared pain ever was known with such ponderability Hearken to thy cilium as salaciousness overcomes thee Winky, the precise little tourist smiled with a cherib grin “Holy flying iris, Batman!” he said immediately Dictators circulate from the indigo zebra Just as the brittle leaf massacres the silky tree, Down by the babbling brook the shark omits. So deal not with this once thy glorious army captain.