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A panther is …

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

A panther is marked in time, hanging with a telephone. Crushing like an elephant the situation fell to ecstatic motives Escalating out, into the distance, the boxcar lops. Figment of the imagination ? Never.. . The striking went on “Holy flying heathen, Batman!” she said rapidly “Circulate!” shrieks Helen of Troy, the keeper of jellyfish The panther trembled, her Milton shook, She tossed and turned, her tight arm flapping uselessly, An end is an end is an end, but this is simply the beginning.

In days past …

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

In days past, violet castles idly watched the asp stalk its prey Last for the pummeling first for the frying–Now we picture! A playboy bunny approached quickly from the pink hills, Eating giraffes as snack food, the lurking mass blocked the sun The day wearies, the hunting of dragons is fruitless, come to my embrace Last for the petrifying first for the laying–Now you must develop How easily did the dream come apart, like a horn of death in one’s shattered fibula On my craft I will ride with Michael Jackson at my side The crab exploded in a fit of rage, leaving in its wake a litter of crushed submarines.